DevBlog 02 – Progress

Looking at the basics


No, no catchy intro this time, just a progress report. I’ve got quite a few assets put in including several scenes of the house (still much more to come) and Jack himself with a few basic animations. I’ve put in a simple pause menu as well as a system to collect items as you can see from the video. Going into the living room and collecting the knife will give you access to using the knife animations, and eventually the ability to kill people (yay!).

Next up on the agenda will be said ability to kill things, which is why I have the sacrificial lamb, ol’ StickBoy in the entry way scene. Things I’m looking to program is an enemy health (perhaps with an enemy health bar to go with it) and a blood splatter effect to show that your hit has landed along with some floating numbers to keep you engaged with the combat system, as primitive as it very well might be in the early stages here.

After that, I’ll start working on some very basic AI to get the poor StickBoy into the fight so that he can defend himself. With that will come a player health, which will involve some UI work as well as what happens when Jack’s health reaches zero.

More to come later.


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